MPA unveils the best mortgage brokerages in Australia

Find out if your business made the list of 50 Top Brokerages for 2023

MPA unveils the best mortgage brokerages in Australia

MPA has now revealed this year’s Top Brokerages list – showcasing the bests mortgage brokerages across Australia.

The 2023 Top Brokerages special report is sponsored by Bankwest, which aims to be the best broker bank in Australia and continues to support brokers in the critical role they play in improving customers’ financial wellbeing across the country.


MPA invited Australian mortgage brokerages to submit their figures for January 1 to December 31, 2022, and provide details such as the number of active brokers working at each brokerage and the total loan book value and conversion rate.

To be eligible, mortgage brokerages had to have five or more loan writers in an office headquartered in Australia. They also had to provide their aggregator information, with aggregators required to verify the details submitted.

The final ranking was weighted across three areas:

  • total loan book size;
  • total settlements in the specified 12-month period; and
  • conversion rate.

Each brokerage was ranked across each area, and the rankings were combined to produce a final tally.

Best mortgage brokerages in Australia

Some of the top 50-ranked mortgage brokerages in Australia for 2023, included the overall winners Simplicity Loans & Advisory as well as:

Commenting on this year’s winners, Bankwest general manager third party banking Ian Rakhit said: “Congratulations to the brilliant brokerages shortlisted in this report. Bankwest is delighted to sponsor MPA’s Top Brokerages 2023 Awards. In record numbers, customers are continuing to choose a broker as a source of independent, reliable advice in relation to homeownership.”

For a full list of all the winners and comprehensive anaylsis on what made these brokerages shine, read the MPA Top Brokerages 2023 special report.