MPA Lender Update - 5/11/2015

Heritage Bank and CUA cut rates | Thinktank policy change

‚ÄčHeritage Bank and CUA cut rates | Thinktank policy change

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Heritage Bank decreases home loan rates to 3.98% for its special Discount Variable home loan rate, for owner-occupier loans of more than $150,000, with a maximum LVR of 90%. 
The same rate now applies to its Home Advantage Variable package product,  for a loan of $700,000 or more. Both effective from 5 November 2015.  

CUA decreases Fresh Start Basic variable home loan rate for owner occupiers by 0.14% to 3.99% p.a., effective 24 November 2015.
CUA decreases 3-year fixed rate for owner occupiers by 0.16% to 4.09% p.a.

No changes today


Thinktank Commercial lifts its maximum loan term for Mid Doc loans from 25 years to 30 years. 

No changes today

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