How this broker builds his business on clarity, security, and growth

The team's vision statement allows it to determine whether a client is serious or not

How this broker builds his business on clarity, security, and growth

Sydney-based broking agency Blue Crane Capital brilliantly illustrates how a simple vision statement— clarity, security and growth— can greatly impact the direction of a business.

In an interview with MPA, Blue Crane Capital managing director and 2019 MPA Young Guns finalist Chris Hall said they chose clarity because he wants borrowers who are often embarrassed to ask questions and be educated as they go through each step of the loan journey; security because he wants their clients to feel safe with both his brokers and lenders; and growth because he aims to have a growth strategy with each client over the next 20 to 25 years and not be restricted to one internal credit policy and credit manager.

Motivated and serious
Right from the initial meeting, Hall explains to clients that he wants them to learn and understand the lending process, what they’re entering into, and the value his team can provide. He makes sure he speaks in terms that clients can easily comprehend. 

As he sets expectations and timing, Hall also makes sure the client is motivated. “We request some high-level information prior to our face-to-face. If they are not motivated to provide this information, then they are not serious about our service offering or the transaction at hand,” he said.

His team reviews areas in their pipeline where timings lag or slow down. According to Hall, they constantly review their processes and procedures so they can always provide ease for end clients and maintain a seamless credit assessment.

They currently use Kubio CRM system and dashboard to record weighted pipelines and track the borrowing process through settlement. The digital resource allows Hall to determine where the business will go in the coming three to six months. Hall said he is likely to make further changes in his business because he is always open to learning best practices.   

It’s for the good
Hall said the “mortgage industry is changing for the good, and brokers must be open to change and willing to pivot”.

He feels that the “confusing period” has opened opportunities to provide borrowers greater clarity, to open their eyes to other funders in the market. For Hall, the lending model has changed and placed greater focus on building relationships with non-bank lenders so brokers can access a myriad of funding options for their clients.