Deepen Your Relationships Through Reciprocity

Dino Pacella from Capify provides an insight into how you can build stronger relationships in the industry

Deepen Your Relationships Through Reciprocity

Before I commence let me clarify what reciprocity means to me. I refer to it as the process of giving freely, with no expectation of anything in return. In reality, this ‘free giving’ creates a virtual account where you make a number of significant deposits into the recipient's account, which in the fullness of time will be repaid in some way via the various swings and roundabouts of life and business.

You might be asking yourself “What does reciprocity have to do with being a great BDM?”

Let me share how you can use reciprocity in your role and take being a BDM to the next level.

Firstly look at reciprocity as the giving of an unexpected personalised gift, please note this does not mean increasing your expense budget. The gift can be a relevant piece of information or a new piece about their favourite sporing team or TV show. Whatever the gift is it always needs to be personal to your broker.

Here’s an expense example : After meeting with a broker she mentions that she is taking her husband to Thailand for the first time in a few months. Later that week, visit a bookstore purchase a travel guide book on all things Thailand and add a hand written note with the following message:

To _____, thank you for the catch up on _______. I really enjoyed spending some time with you and learning more about your business. I remember you saying that you are taking your husband to Thailand and thought this book might come in handy. Have a great trip and talk soon. Happy Holidays. From ________.

Take a moment and imagine how this would make you feel. You will become more than just another person that walked into that office.


KEY TAKEAWAY - After each broker meeting ensure you note down something personal about your broker, this can be anything from them going on holiday or having a baby to moving into a new home. Place a recurring calendar reminder every week where you can spend some time gathering your gifts along with writing the personalised notes. Then post them and repeat process.