Commercial broker awarded MFAA life membership

Industry body stalwart helped establish the organisation

Commercial broker awarded MFAA life membership

The Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia honoured one of its founding members with life membership of the association at the MFAA National Excellence Awards ceremony last night.

In 1980, John Macalyk (pictured above) was one of 20 people who started an association for the mortgage and finance broking industry.

By 1982, the Mortgage Bankers Association of Australia, which would go on to become the MFAA, was registered and Macalyk received the fifth membership number.

The MFAA said Macalyk had remained “passionately involved” in the industry and the association ever since.

Currently the managing director of AAA Mortgages where he has trained many prominent brokers, Macalyk has built his niche in commercial property over the last four decades.

The MFAA said Macalyk had found the same great level of fulfillment in work with his clients and helping them achieve their goals over the last four decades as he did when he originally started his broking career.

“John is well-known in the industry for good reason,” said MFAA chair Kerri Buurman. “As one of our founding members, he’s been forward thinking, making an impact on the industry, the association and most  importantly the countless brokers he has mentored, coached and inspired.”

“We’re pleased to be able to recognise John’s remarkable achievements and contributions with this life membership.”

Macalyk said he liked to get involved in discussions, and that’s what led him to taking part in creating the MFAA.

During his membership of the association, Macalyk has participated in numerous committees and forums that have guided the organisation’s activities and advocacy over the years.

While the MFAA has received guidance and support from Macalyk, he said he had got a lot out of his decades’ long membership as well, highlighting the association’s conferences as one of the things he appreciated as a member.

“When you’re running a business, you need to keep motivated,” Macalyk said. “One of the best ways I found to be motivated and learn more about my industry was to go to the MFAA conferences.”

Macalyk also spoke about the work the MFAA had done to help grow the share of borrowers who seek out the services of mortgage and finance brokers, and also the support from the MFAA when the industry had faced unexpected challenges.

“Over a period of time, any business, any industry, has to handle unexpected difficulties that come up. Who could have forecast the royal commission or the pandemic for example?” Macalyk said.

“A good association can help its members overcome difficulties and come through those times. That’s what the MFAA is good at, and has been doing so for over 40 years.”

With extensive experience to look back on, Macalyk was clear in his advice to other brokers, both new and experienced.

“Number one – if you want to be successful, you have to have good product knowledge, and number two is you have to look after yourself,” he said.

“One of my mantras is to always have something to look forward to – a lunch, a trip, a conference, a get-together with your family. By always having something down the track, it will help look after your mental stability, your own inner self. It’s not all about work, it’s not all about money.”

Macalyk said that while he didn’t always have this mantra, particularly in the early busy daysof being a broker, today he practiced what he preached, giving equal time to his business and his family.