Brokerage to bike over 3000km to support mental health program

The distance signifies the number of suicide victims last year

Brokerage to bike over 3000km to support mental health program

Motivated by the belief that everyone has the responsibility to do what they can for others, Credo Financial Group director and 2018 MPA Top 100 Brokers finalist Nathan Taddeo and his team have been actively looking for ways to support charities and raise awareness on critical social issues for over the past few years. They’ve already participated in half marathon events and helped raise funds for pancreatic cancer. 

This time, however, they decided to support a charity closer to them — Outside the Locker Room (OTLR), a charity established by one of their clients and in which they can run their original activity.

Launched in 2015, OTLR is a 12-month partnership program with sporting clubs, schools or organisations that brings awareness and programs on mental health, addiction, inclusion, social media and bullying.

“Mental health is a huge issue across society, so I always tell people to talk about it and to cope with it,” Taddeo told MPA. 

Taddeo’s initial idea was to raise funds for OTLR by cycling 3,128km around Australia throughout the month of June. The distance signifies the number of lives lost in Australia to suicide in 2018. However, aware that cycling from Melbourne to Brisbane and back isn’t a realistic goal, Taddeo has set up two stationary bikes in his head office where his team can cycle the distance together instead. 

The idea behind the activity is to raise at least $1 per every km completed. Anyone who wishes to go beyond the said amount or to donate but doesn’t have time to participate in the activity, can do so. Taddeo has also set up a box in their office where people can drop donations. Every $1000 raised will give one sporting club, school or organisation access to the OTLR mental health workshop.

“If people want to just donate, that would be great. But if they've been able to put in some time on the bikes, that would be cool too,” he said.

Taddeo established a variable agreement with some of his lenders, business partners and clients who offered support. According to him, their ideas are “really cool,” and he’s looking forward to achieving and going beyond them. OTLR also has the support of some Credo Financial clients, which include Sydney FC goalkeeper Andrew Redmayne.  

 Taddeo considers their involvement with OTLR as one of those things that goes back to the idea of getting people to talk about their stress and issues and showing someone cares.

For more information about the Credo Financial OTLR activity, please contact [email protected]