Broker prefers to be "painter" in the big picture

Looking for new ways to provide a “magical experience” through customer feedback

Broker prefers to be "painter" in the big picture

Tired of just being part of the bigger picture, AUSUN Finance senior mortgage broker Neo Yujia Huo wanted to become the “painter” to gain more control of the design.

The 2019 MPA Young Guns finalists moved from a financial advisory firm to AUSUN Finance after eight years so he could carry out bigger managerial responsibilities and better assist people, including net-worth clients, in designing their financial strategy.    

Although he gained a wealth of experience at the financial advisory firm managing assurance and accounting-related tasks among others, Huo had a bit of a difficult start in the broking industry because of his lack of banking experience. To get known and to establish a client base, he tapped his social network and used the power of social media. Now Huo gets most of his business from referrals and can access multiple channels for commercial projects, funding sources and corporate financing.

About two years ago, Huo felt everyone should have an honest and trustworthy broker. “I try to think from the client's side and to satisfy their needs,” Huo told MPA. “Clients trust me, and they believe I can help them make the best choices.”

While he hasn’t made any considerable changes in his business model since beginning work at AUSUN over two years ago, Huo believes he’s on the right track.

“I improve my customer service through customer feedback and find new ways to deliver a more magical experience,” he said. “There are no "skills" for customer service; the real skill is to always put the customer as top priority. It’s not something I just say; I also always deliver my promise.”

Huo is looking at putting together a team so he can create a one-stop shop for every loan need. 

So far, being recognised as a 2019 MPA Young Guns finalist, his very first award as a professional, is what he considers his biggest accomplishment. 

“I believe I won it because I did a good job,” he said.