Broker in Focus: Con Zagas, Mortgage Choice

From admin assistant to award nominee: mortgage broker shares the story of his journey in the mortgage broking industry

Broker in Focus: Con Zagas, Mortgage Choice

In the competitive and ever-evolving world of mortgage broking, standing out requires a unique blend of dedication, adaptability, and a personal touch. Con Zagas (pictured), a mortgage broker who began his career under unique circumstances, embodies these qualities.

With his father, George, having established their franchise over a decade ago, the younger Zagas’s entry into the business was both a family affair and a career-defining decision. His journey from casual admin assistant to a full-time broker has been marked by significant milestones and valuable lessons, offering a compelling story for aspiring brokers and industry veterans alike.

Getting into the industry

Zagas’s foray into mortgage broking began in 2016, when his father invited him to join the family business on a casual basis. At the time, he was working as an employment consultant in Canberra while pursuing his diploma in mortgage broking. This dual role not only provided him with practical industry knowledge but also deepened his appreciation for the profession.

“In 2020, during the COVID lockdowns, I made the decision to move to Sydney and become a full-time mortgage broker under the Mortgage Choice franchise,” Zagas said. “It was one of the best decisions I’ve made. I love working with Dad.”

Embracing digital innovations

For Zagas, one of the most transformative developments in mortgage broking has been the shift to digital applications and lending processes. The introduction of tools like DocuSign has streamlined many aspects of the business.

“It has saved a lot of time and simplified many processes,” he said.

Navigating industry challenges

Despite the benefits of digital advancements, Zagas acknowledges the challenges they bring. The rise of digital lending platforms that offer quick approvals also poses a potential threat to traditional brokers.

“I feel one of the biggest challenges at the moment is the offer of digital lending, where customers can apply for a loan and get approval in a few minutes where it sort of bypasses the broker,” he said.

Still, Zagas believes in the enduring value of personalised service.

“I feel providing that human element to the process, including adding empathy and emotion is what will be missing from the process which I believe will still be relevant and even stronger in that case,” he said.

Memorable milestone

Among the many experiences in his career, one stands out for Zagas — the moment he was nominated as a finalist for the Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia State Excellence Awards.

“We didn’t take the win but being at the event with my Dad was a memory I won’t ever forget,” he said.

Advice for aspiring brokers

For those considering a career in mortgage broking or new to the industry, Zagas offers valuable advice rooted in his own experiences.

“Best piece of advice I can share is to be consistent,” he said. “If you try something new, stick with it for three to six months, but allow for adjustment as you go. Sometimes it can take time to see the results.”

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