Broker goes paperless to sustain growth

He receives more work than he can write and enjoys a perfect rating on every platform

Broker goes paperless to sustain growth

Going paperless is more than just reducing waste and trimming cost; it’s about increasing accuracy and enhancing productivity, as demonstrated by NSW-based brokerage Universal Mortgage Experts. 

In December 2017, with staff working through multiple documents, Universal Mortgage Experts director and 2018 MPA Top 100 Brokers finalist Nathan Aird decided to streamline his process for optimum file storage and access, and to sustain the over 250 loans he settled in the previous financial year.

“We run a paperless office with synchronised devices,” Aird told MPA. “I have the ability to access clients’ details, including all supporting docs from just about anywhere. I am very available to my customers. I encourage them to reach out if they have any questions during the process.”  

He also said that through their proven systems, he can provide everyone an equal level of service, whether the individual is a $50,000 top-up customer or someone looking to purchase a $800,000 property. Going paperless has allowed him to do business easier, especially with his many repeat customers.

Writing can’t keep up
Paper isn’t the only thing absent in Aird’s business. It’s formal advertising as well. Aird doesn’t actively advertise; he leaves the promoting to his clients by encouraging them to share their experiences online.

“Social media has been very good for my business. What others say about my service is what keeps the phone ringing,” he said. “My business is 100% generated via referrals…I have more work than I can write, from the referrals I receive from existing customers.”

With perfect rating on every platform and a 94% conversion score, Aird spends a considerable amount of time pre-assessing and preparing applications to avoid delays and reworks, and to ensure his team doesn’t lodge loans that have no chance of getting approved.

Going for quality
From the onset, Aird chooses only to work with “quality applicants”, who then will refer friends and family members in similar situation as them.

Aird believes everyone deserves a loan, and those he turns away will surely find a broker who’ll accommodate them. But his decision to be selective in choosing clients allows him to offer exceptional customer experience without giving up his service proposition. 

“I do provide a lot of education to customers I don’t write. And often, I pick them up again a few months after they have taken my advice,” Aird said.

“I just will never submit a hope-and-pray loan. I know what I package up will be approved before I even submit it.”