Bendigo Bank takes a significant step towards financial inclusivity

The bank unveils its inaugural Financial Inclusion Plan

Bendigo Bank takes a significant step towards financial inclusivity

Bendigo and Adelaide Bank has introduced its inaugural Financial Inclusion Action Plan (FIAP), designed in collaboration with stakeholders, to guide the bank’s actions, activities, and investments until 2025.

Bendigo and Adelaide Bank’s FIAP focuses on four key areas: fair products and services, improved financial capability, addressing financial vulnerability, and fostering economic security.

CEO’s vision for a more inclusive future

Marnie Baker (pictured above), CEO and managing director of Bendigo and Adelaide Bank, expressed pride in the bank’s membership in the Financial Inclusion Action Plan Network, led by Good Shepherd Australia New Zealand.

“We’re driven by our purpose to feed into the prosperity of our customers and communities and our Foundational Financial Inclusion Action Plan is an important step toward realising our vision to be Australia’s bank of choice,” Baker said in a media release.

Holistic approach to financial inclusion

The FIAP adopts a holistic approach to delivering inclusive and accessible communications channels and banking services.

With a commitment to supporting 2.4 million customers, staff, and communities, the plan aims to help people realize their financial goals while addressing serious issues such as systemic disadvantage, incarceration, problematic gambling, domestic violence, and financial abuse.

Baker said the plan “puts in place direct and indirect supports to enable fair and equitable access to our services, no matter your circumstance.”

Bendigo and Adelaide Bank’s FIAP aligns with the Good Shepherd framework, providing a structured approach to achieving outcomes at three levels: foundation, build, and elevate.

Developed in collaboration with EY and the Centre for Social Impact (CSI) at UNSW, the framework ensures quality assurance, evaluation, and transparent reporting of results.

Continued initiatives for online safety

The plan includes the continuation of Bendigo and Adelaide Bank’s Banking Safely Online program, focusing on scam awareness and online safety training.

Launched in September, the program has conducted more than 100 sessions nationwide, including a session at Bendigo Bank branch in Bendigo Mitchell Street on November 8, as pictured, emphasising the bank’s commitment to educating the community on safe online banking practices.

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