Heartland Finance

Office address: Level 20, 8 Exhibition Street, Melbourne, Victoria 3000, Australia
Website: www.heartlandfinance.com.au
Year established: 2004
Company type: Financial services
Employees: 18
Expertise: Reverse mortgages, retirement finance
Parent company: Heartland Group Holdings
CEO and key people: Sharon Yardley, General Manager for Reverse Mortgages
Financing status: -

Heartland Finance is a key player in Australia’s financial services sector, specialising in reverse mortgages and other retirement solutions. To date, it has helped more than 26,000 senior Australians live a more comfortable retirement by releasing equity from their homes. The company also offers small business loans.

History of Heartland Finance

Heartland Finance is part of the Heartland Group, a financial services entity with a rich heritage dating back to 1875. The group is listed on both the Australian and New Zealand stock exchanges. Its Australian operations, particularly through Heartland Finance, focus primarily on reverse mortgages, positioning the company as a leader in this niche market.

Products and Services of Heartland Finance

Heartland Finance offers a range of financial products designed to help Australians upon their retirement, including:  

  • Heartland Reverse Mortgages: tailored solutions for Australians aged 60 and over, enabling them to leverage the equity in their homes for a more comfortable retirement
  • Heartland Well-Life Loan:  offers Australian seniors aged 55 and over up to $40,000 in unsecured financing to support their retirement lifestyle needs
  • Business Loans through Open for Business: Offers flexible financing options for Australian businesses looking to grow and expand

Heartland Finance has ceased offering its Well-Life Loans and Business Loans to new customers. Existing clients may access this service until the end of their term.    

Culture at Heartland Finance

Heartland Finance's emphasis on providing tailored financial solutions and its dedication to serving the retirement needs of Australians suggest a customer-centric and innovative corporate environment. Their commitment to helping seniors live a comfortable retirement underpins their service delivery and product development.

About Heartland Finance General Manager for Reverse Mortgages Sharon Yardley

Sharon Yardley started her stint as general manager of reverse mortgages at Heartland Finance in May 2023. She joined the company as a personal assistant to the managing director in August 2004. Over the years, Yardley has risen through the ranks, holding several senior leadership roles. Prior to her current position, she served as head of communications and head of operations at Heartland Finance's risk compliance unit. Yardley holds a master’s degree in business administration.

The Future at Heartland Finance

Heartland Finance is focused on continuing to innovate in the reverse mortgage space, ensuring seniors can finance their retirements comfortably. With a history of helping over 26,000 seniors, Heartland is poised to expand its educational efforts, transparency, and support for brokers. These will enhance its offerings to meet the retirement needs of Australians.

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