Maddison Purdue, Resolve Finance

Maddison Purdue of Resolve Finance is part of this year's Mortgage Professional Australia magazine's Young Guns list

Maddison Purdue, Resolve Finance
Resolve Finance
Osborne Park, WA / Specialist Finance Group

Increasingly, the gap between what brokers do and what their support staff do is narrowing. As Maddison Purdue explains, “I was essentially doing everything bar sourcing loans, and I was pretty rapt that I could be hands-on with the client. The brokers typically interview, lodge, and once they’re approved they’re handed on to support.” Yet making the leap to sourcing your own customers remains a daunting prospect for many. Purdue has managed it and written $25.6m in loans in the process.

Purdue has two advantages: a background in finance – at Bankwest and then Citibank – and working at Resolve Finance. Originally established by construction giant ABN Group, Resolve specialises in construction finance and has flourished in WA’s first home buyer, construction-friendly climate.

However, Purdue believes flexibility is vital. “Just because you wear the tag of ‘first home buyer’ doesn’t mean you’re in your second year of university, or in your first job. You could be in your 40s with a family, but you’ve been renting your whole life. So you do need to diversify your skill set and ability to adapt to clients to be ableto relate to them.”

Purdue encourages new brokers to be relentless, and she practises what she preaches. “If anyone breathes the words ‘help’, ‘home loan’ or ‘I’m in the rent trap’, I offer my services.”