Luke Harborne, IFA Mortgages & Finance

Luke Harborne of IFA Mortgages & Finance is part of this year's Mortgage Professional Australia magazine's Young Guns list

Luke Harborne, IFA Mortgages & Finance
IFA Mortgages & Finance
Bondi Junction, NSW / FAST

Saying that Luke Harborne comes highly recommended would be an understatement. “Bringing Luke on as a full-time broker has been a godsend this year,” Harborne’s boss, broker Anthony O’Flynn, told MPA. “What he envelopes is a youthful exuberance which I hadn’t even noticed was missing from the business until I saw it in him. Personally, it has motivated me to be a better broker and has re-energised me to continue to expand our up-and-coming business.”

Harborne started at the brokerage while at university, in a support role, and his success at IFA demonstrates the benefits of going back to the database. Harborne has introduced new systems and developed his own relationships with O’Flynn’s extensive database. “When it came to the point where that client needed new money, it was a pretty smooth transition to take that client on board,” he explains.

One method for impressing clients was getting their existing bank to discount their home loan, Harborne says. “Even if it is 0.1% or  0.15%, that reflects greatly on you because you’ve put in the legwork to improve the client’s interest rate and they’ve had to do nothing.” From there he asks if he can help clients with other services, including investment properties, guarantor arrangements for FHBs, car loans, credit cards and more.

“There’s a few things you learn just by doing them yourself,” Harborne says. “He [O’Flynn] has thrown me in the deep end and it’s kind of worked out, I guess.”