James Tran, AFG, VIC

James Tran, AFG, VIC

By being a relationship manager who brokers can depend on “time and time again”, James Tran  creates  strong  relationships  with  his  business partners. He says his brokers can call him at any time and be confident that he will get back to them with the right answer.

Tran’s interactions with brokers are one of his favourite things about his role, as well as the satisfaction of working with different groups and helping them build their businesses.

“I also love the fact that I can help our brokers  deliver  good  news  to  their  clients;  whether it be buying their first home or their second investment  property,  it’s  always  a  thrill to be able to let the broker know we have approved their client’s deal,” Tran says.

When supporting brokers with any issues or challenges, Tran says he will sit down with them over a lunch or meeting, work through what they are facing, and then formulate a plan.

One  of  the  biggest  issues  he  has  to  work  through with brokers is the increased turnaround times. He says AFG Home Loans has remained close to a one-day SLA with its securitised product over the last year, which has been great for clients. The group’s credit policy has also been supportive.

“Flexible credit policy is another thing that brokers  find  hard  with  some  of  the  bigger  lenders  in  market  at  the  moment,  so  the  ability to look at a deal with a common-sense approach is something brokers find refreshing with AFG Home Loans,” Tran says.