Leading mortgage adviser Sandeep Khanna shares insights

Sandeep Khanna, one of NZ Adviser’s Top Advisers for 2023 discusses what winning such an honour means, the services he offers and his tips for success in the competitive world of mortgage broking

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Kylie Speer [00:00:05] Hello and welcome to NZ Advisor TV. I'm Kylie Speer and joining me today is Sandeep Khanna, Director at Sandeep Khanna Mortgages. Sandeep has been named among New Zealand's Top Advisors for 2023. Welcome to you, Sandeep. Congratulations, and thank you so much for joining us today.  

Sandeep Khanna [00:00:25] Thank you. Thank you very much, Kylie. It's really great to be here. And thanks for giving this opportunity to me. Thank you.  

Kylie Speer [00:00:30] Well, firstly, Sandeep, how has winning such a prestigious award boosted your confidence, and what effect will it have on your broker business? 

Sandeep Khanna [00:00:40] Yeah Kylie, It's like winning this award. It's like a universe giving me a high five. For all the hard work I have done over these three years, especially for the last year we've been, I've been recognized for my work. As one of my business, I would say in terms of impact it will have on my broker business, I'll say this award is a powerful endorsement of professionalism and competence. That's what I'll say. 

Kylie Speer [00:01:07] Tell us about your career as a mortgage advisor to date, you have worked in banking and other industries, what drove you to become an advisor? 

Sandeep Khanna [00:01:17] So yeah, began in the banking sector, where again, like, as you know, not a comprehensive understanding of the financial systems, customer relations, and also the intricate workings of the lending landscape, what, that's what I will say. And this foundation also provided me a solid understanding of the financial industry. And what drove me to be a mortgage advisor, I will say, my passion for helping the people to navigate through the, you know, the most significant financial decision of their life, purchasing or refinancing their homes. And the mortgage process, as you know, is a very daunting task. So that's what I thought if I'm in a position to help these people buying their first home, with a business loan or anything like that I can help with. 

Kylie Speer [00:02:03] What services do you offer and who are your main clients?  

Sandeep Khanna [00:02:08] The services which we offer, Kylie is, of course the first homebuyers out that means major points for us. We are offering loans we do refinance, we are offering asset finance, as well as people who are looking to buy the new businesses are making any asset purchases like car or vans or trucks. But main focus for us is first homebuyers and someone buying their investment properties. 

Kylie Speer [00:02:32] Sandeep, what gives you the greatest sense of satisfaction as an advisor? 

Sandeep Khanna [00:02:36] As an advisor, the positive impact that I can make on individuals. That's what I'll say. And the families as they achieved their homeownership dreams to secure their financial futures. They'll say important decision of their life, that's incredibly rewarding. And of course, the sweet victory in someone's eyes when they light up and their finances approved. It's like, mission accomplished. 

Kylie Speer [00:03:02] How can advisors be successful in New Zealand's challenging market right now? 

Sandeep Khanna [00:03:08] I would say the combination of adaptability, expertise and of course a client centric approach. That's a major that's a crutch for the to be successful in the mortgage industry. Sure, not client focus, I don't think so you will. You will not be as successful as you can be. And of course, continuous learning, customer service. That's one of the key part. And of course, input emotional intelligence. As you know, the house buying is an emotional decision as well. So you need to have that emotional intelligence within you. 

Kylie Speer [00:03:40] And finally, Sandeep, what advice would you give to a new mortgage advisor just starting their career? 

Sandeep Khanna [00:03:48] Embrace knowledge, cultivate relationships. That's what I will say and remembered market isn't just alone. It's like key to open the doors to people's dreams. They're impossible possibilities. And it's like, unlocking possibilities. That's what I'm seeing. And also, I would also like to add colleagues that think of yourself as a financial GPS for your clients. You're right as the as you know, the GPS guides through your twists and turns and new route. Similar your job is to navigate the maze of mortgages. 

Kylie Speer [00:04:24] Well, thank you so much, once again, for your time today, Sandeep, it was lovely speaking with you. 

Sandeep Khanna [00:04:30] Likewise Kylie. Thank you very much. Thanks for this opportunity.  

Kylie Speer [00:04:34] And thank you, of course to our viewers, for watching the latest episode of NZ Advisor TV. We look forward to seeing you again soon.