Christine Lockie

Beware of stricter lending criteria, mortgage advisor warns

Mortgage borrowers are disconcerted by bank scrutiny, it says

Banks at 360 degree goal shift, mortgage finance gets tough

Banks have actively looked for reasons why they cannot offer mortgage finance rather than how they can make it work

Auckland adviser content with banks’ pricing

An Auckland adviser has said he hasn’t found the banks’ pricing to be a problem or there to be a gap between rates for investor and first home buyers.

Mum and dad investors questioning banks’ higher margins, broker says

LoanPlan broker Christine Lockie has shone a spotlight on the increasing cost of funds facing traditional Kiwi investors who may not now be able to rely on incentives from the banks.

Equity doesn’t cut it like it used to

An Auckland mortgage adviser says more home owners are finding that the equity in their homes is ‘no longer a sure thing’ for bank approval

Mortgage advising: painting pictures with numbers and words

Christine Lockie from LoanPlan talks to NZ Adviser about how to develop your business.

HSBC's low rate may lead market for some time

The major banks are revealing little on whether they intend to match the market’s lowest rate in 50 years, announced by HSBC on Wednesday.

Missing out on mortgage for working too hard

An Auckland mortgage broker highlights a client scenario that shows banks are taking lifestyle factors into consideration under the new ‘Responsible Lending’ regime.