NZ Adviser unveils top brokerages 2024

Assessment was based on several key performance indicators

NZ Adviser unveils top brokerages 2024

The 2024 rankings for the top brokerages in New Zealand have been released by NZ Adviser, highlighting standout performers in the industry.

Selection process for Top Brokerages 2024 list

NZ Adviser initiated a call for entries from New Zealand-based mortgage brokerages to showcase their achievements over the past year.

To participate, brokerages were required to have at least one loan writer stationed in a New Zealand office. They were also asked to submit aggregator information, which had to be confirmed by their respective aggregators for accuracy.

The information requested from each brokerage included the number of active brokers, the overall loan book value, and the conversion rates achieved.

Assessment of the nominees was based on several key performance indicators:

  • the size of the total loan book;
  • average settlements per loan writer;
  • total settlements over the last year; and
  • the conversion rate.

NZ Adviser’s top mortgage brokerages in 2024

Some of the best mortgage brokerage firms in New Zealand this year are:

These firms distinguished themselves through robust performance and significant contributions to New Zealand’s mortgage industry.

See the rest of the list of winners by reading the NZ Adviser Top Brokerages 2024 special report.