National criticises the progress of Kiwibuild

National has strong words for the government’s housing initiative

National criticises the progress of Kiwibuild

National has released a critical statement on the alleged lack of progress of Labour’s Kiwibuild programme.

National’s housing and development spokesperson Judith Collins said in a statement that in spite of the government’s “spin and bluster is much-heralded Kiwibuild programme is yet to build a single new house.”

“Like so much of what we’re seeing from this government they’re full of big talk but they’re not getting anything done.

“Case in point – 145 days into its sleepwalk at the helm of this country its flagship Kiwibuild programme is yet to result in a single house even being started.

“These houses are nothing more than a twinkle in the eye of the man who has done nothing but talk about them – Housing Minister Phil Twyford,” Collins continued.

“That’s in spite of the government promising to get Kiwibuild underway as part of its 100-day plan.

“Mr Twyford also confirmed in Question Time today that they are planning to buy off private developments that were already underway prior to the change in Government. That’s not adding anything – it’s bludging off the private sector.

“The government just needs to be honest with the public. Much of the ‘Kiwibuild pipeline’ that the Housing Minister continues to talk about adds nothing new to the record residential building boom underway under the previous Government.

“Get on with it, Phil. People need homes, not pipelines,” Collins added.

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