Astute New Zealand launches mentor programme for advisers

Programme to provide a “safe and professional” learning environment

Astute New Zealand launches mentor programme for advisers

Astute Financial Management Limited (Astute New Zealand) will launch the Astute New Zealand Mentor Programme after recognising a need in the financial services industry for a practical training and mentor programme designed specifically for financial advisers.

Launching on July 01, the mentor programme aims to work alongside new-to-the-industry advisers for 12 to 18 months – providing weekly or fortnightly check-ins, one-on-one team meetings, workshops, and team calls. It will include training modules covering compliance, code of conduct, and industry regulations.

Jose De Sousa, the business development and operations manager at Astute New Zealand, said the programme will provide a “safe and professional” learning environment for those who want to pursue a career in the mortgage adviser industry.

“We are providing an affordable, structured programme that will run for up to 18 months, at the end of which, advisers will be able to enter the industry with confidence and assurance. Even more importantly, clients working with these advisers are assured that their interests are at the forefront of every financial decision being made,” De Sousa said.

“Being a financial adviser means largely working on your own, and that can be tough, especially for new entrants. Having someone to run ideas by, share concerns with, or ask questions of is invaluable. With this mentor programme, we’ll be providing training and support to help grow confident, knowledgeable financial advisers.”

The Astute New Zealand Mentor Programme will focus on qualifications by supporting advisers to achieve the New Zealand Certificate in Financial Services Level 5 v 2, according to De Sousa.

Aside from support with calls, emails, and face-to-face conversations, advisers will have access to structured training modules, lending structure support, support during client interviews, help writing finance applications, and day-to-day moral support.

“Having worked as a mobile mortgage manager, I understand first-hand the challenges and complexities that advisers face and particularly now with changing regulations. There is a lot to understand and grapple with,” De Sousa said.

“We believe that a flexible, hands-on mentor and training programme can help build confident and successful advisers, and we’re excited about the impact this training programme will have on the industry as a whole.”