Exclusive Feature: Future-proofing your advisory

How advisers can leverage the current mortgage climate for better business

Exclusive Feature: Future-proofing your advisory

It’s time for advisers to make their mark on the NZ landscape. Mortgagors in New Zealand have traditionally been beholden to the big banks, but there are now more alternatives available to borrowers than ever before. So now is the time is ripe for advisers to make themselves indispensable to borrowers, and for them to both grow and future-proof their advisories.

But what tools do advisers need to succeed in this new environment? In this essential feature, you’ll discover: 

  • Industry insights from Bluestone and NZ Financial Services Group
  • Why the mortgage industry needs to embrace new tech
  • The compliance challenges ahead for 2020
  • How ongoing education is crucial for every advisor
  • The importance of having the right products