How to find prospective home buyers online

Put the social back in social media

How to find prospective home buyers online

Finding prospective home buyers online can seem overwhelming. There are so many opportunities and potential buyers it can be easy for real estate agents to simply post marketing materials they already have and hope for the best. But doing so would be missing a major opportunity. One thing too many agents forget is that it is about engagement. Here is what you need to know about finding prospective home buyers online.

Make your home a premium listing online

One relatively easy and effective way to find prospective home buyers online is by making your home a premium listing. If you invest in a premium listing, you can place your property at the top of the list online. In terms of online marketing, this is a great way to make a little money go a long way. 

Focus on engagement instead of marketing on social media

Too many real estate agents use social media for marketing rather than engagement, producing copy, posting photos, paying fees, and waiting for leads. This is not the best way, however, to utilize social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to find prospective home buyers online. Most potential buyers look to social media want interaction—and not simply to be marketed to. There are other places to do that.

For this reason, it is best to view social media as another chance to be, well, social. Essentially, it is a missed opportunity if you fail to engage with people. One great approach on social media is to ensure you are creating new connections each week with people in your community. How? Make comments, start conversations, interact with posts.

Another good approach is to join Facebook groups that you might be able to bring your expertise to. By doing so, you will become a great resource for people in that community. On Instagram and Twitter, you can follow any relevant hashtags in your area. These are also more opportunities to reiterate your availability as well as your expertise. While engaging on social media may take up more of your time than simply marketing, it is more likely to net you more clients.

Use social engagement to generate more buyers leads from your sphere

Many home buyers use an agent who they know or who is referred to them within their personal sphere. While many real estate agents do not maximize this opportunity, your own contact list is a great resource. Put simply: work with people who are in your personal sphere first, those who you know already, who you like and who like you, and who trust you. This existing relationship is underrated and highly valuable. After all, so much of the legwork real estate agents must do revolves around establishing relationships.

Social engagement is a great tool for this and can take the form of in-person community events or social gatherings, or online through social media. By getting to know more people within your sphere, you will learn naturally what they may need and what they might be looking for. Remember: you provide expertise and services that your family and friends may need—and you can help.

Use video to communicate your message, services, and opportunities

Generally, videos make up so much of the content on the internet. With Google now featuring YouTube videos more prominently in search results, the exposure given to videos is only growing. And it makes sense. Prospective home buyers are, like you, busy, which means it is more likely they will watch a video about why you are the best real estate agent in your area rather than read a 2,000-word blog post saying essentially the same thing.

An Instagram Story is a great way to do this. Another way is to start a vlog, or series of YouTube videos, that can allow you to ask and answer real estate questions much more quickly—like two minutes. It also helps the user in that they can listen to the videos while they are busy with something else, instead of having to sit at the computer reading. This approach is more likely to get you more followers and therefore potential clients, as well as DMs that you can use to further engage them.

Generate real estate leads on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a goldmine when it comes to generating real estate leads—so it is best not to ignore this opportunity. Joining a real estate investors’ group on LinkedIn, for example, is a great place to start. Once there, you will want to begin by contributing your expertise to the ongoing conversation. Beyond that, you will want to post related content on new properties and what buyers should be aware of, to give a couple of examples. And when anyone engages you with a question, it is important to provide real insights. While it may take a little time to establish relationships, you will reap the rewards once you do.