LVR restrictions, high property prices drive people to brokers

Go2Guys’ Campbell Hastie on why he decided to give mortgage broking a go

If you were Prime Minister for a day

Given New Zealand recently had a change of leadership after John Key’s shock resignation, we thought now would be a good time to look back at what advisers would do if they were PM for a day.

Keeping 'secret' mortgage rates under borrowers' radar

Mortgage advisers say borrowers should be aware of and understand mortgage affordability “test rates” rather than being kept in the dark.

5 Minutes With... Campbell Hastie, Go2Guys

Campbell Hastie of Go2Guys says he enjoys competitive wood chopping outside of broking.

Top advisers say the less jargon the better

Leading mortgage advisers and the PAA Chairman say what’s hit the mark and what’s been missed in the three packages proposed in the Options paper.