Satyan Mehra

Satyan Mehra, iConsult

Satyan Mehra

Director & Chief Advisor

 123E Dominion Road, Mt Eden, Auckland
 [email protected]
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iConsult is the brainchild of Satyan Mehra, a multi-award winning mortgage advisor. The ‘well-connected’ Satyan Mehra worked at ANZ and BNZ for over nine years in various roles such as Retail Banking, Business Banking, Finance, External Report and Internal Audit before starting iConsult in 2017.

iConsult quickly developed a reputation for its deep knowledge of finance structures, commercial and residential finance products and for helping clients with out of the box solutions.

The business has grown almost entirely from word-of-mouth recommendations, with clients and lenders praising Satyan and his team for their agile thinking, strong financial analysis, honesty and tenacity. Deep financial and business acumen help Satyan and his team to see solutions where others see roadblocks. In a risk-averse market, borrowers are being increasingly turned down by lenders, often unnecessarily. This is where iConsult excels, establishing solid business cases to support a client’s loan application, helping them to access mortgages from non-banks as well as structuring innovative solutions through main banks.

iConsult ensures that clients are more than capable of servicing their debt, without stress, helping fledging property investors and first home buyers achieve their financial objectives.

Satyan is a member of the New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants. With numbers being his forte, and deep understanding of trusts, Satyan and his team also add value to their clients on aspects like accounting & legal/ trust matters. They work with client’s accountants and lawyers to achieve outcomes that are desirable at all ends.

Outside iConsult, Satyan also found the time to stretch his entrepreneurial winds, becoming involved with several businesses: Pizza Hut franchising, early childhood education, accommodation, property investment and property development.

Satyan is described by industry colleagues as a ‘real people person who walks the talk – if he gives you a commitment, he’ll follow it through’.
Weather you are a first home buyer, business owner, property investor or developer, Satyan is a hands-on mortgage advisor for you and can resonate well given his personal experiences.

His accolades include various other awards like Young Gun of the Year 2021, Independent Mortgage Advisor of the Year 2021, Mortgage Brokerage of the Year (1-10 Staff) 2021, Best Customer Service from Individual Office 2021, Top Advisor 2020, Young Gun of the Year 2020, Young Entrepreneur of the Year IBA 2019, Best Financial Advisor of the Year IBA 2018 etc.