Connie Wang
Prosperity Finance

Connie Wang Director and Financial Adviser

Connie Wang

Director and Financial Adviser
Prosperity Finance

 Unit 14, 597 Rosebank Road, Avondale, Auckland 1026
 09 930 8999
 [email protected]
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Connie Wang is the Founder and Director of Prosperity Finance, a finance advisory firm based in Auckland, NZ. Originally from China, Connie moved to New Zealand at the age of 18 as an international student, and enrolled for a Bachelor’s degree in Business with double major in Accounting and Information Management. Throughout her academic journey, Connie distinguished herself as a brilliant scholar with striking fondness for crafting ambitious, practical, and inventive business strategies. Thus, after her graduation, Connie joined one of the leading banks in NZ as a Business Analyst.

As an analyst, Connie enjoyed immensely the challenge and intellectual stimulation of the research and analysis skills, and the astuteness her career demanded to build effective business processes and systems. However, as an ardent people person, she longed to work around people and experience the warmth and joy of engaging with people directly and build relationships. Consequently, in 2009, she switched careers and became a lender in commercial banking. In this role, Connie stood out as a high-level performer with a keen focus on pursuing excellence in every aspect of her career and ensuring client satisfaction.

All along, Connie desired to handle the needs that mattered most to people directly, and use her skill, industry knowledge, and experience to empower more people finance their dreams. In 2013, she ventured out on her own to start Prosperity Finance. Over the 8 years she has been in business, Connie has continually provided leadership and vision to the company, pooled together a vibrant team of 7 qualified employees, and seen the company grow to offer a wide range of essential lending services. Driven by strong determination to add value to her customers, Connie and her team are continually exploring innovative ways to solve their needs – a culture that has given Prosperity Finance an edge in the industry.

Connie is reputable being resilient, hard-working, and a resourceful leader who sets high standards for her organization. Outside of her career, Connie is an avid reader and a great fun of good music, and enjoys bonding, doing fun activities, and spending quality time with her adorable daughter, Sophia.