Ryan Nel
The Lending Pad

Ryan Nel, Director and Financial Advisor

Ryan Nel

Director and Financial Advisor
The Lending Pad

 74 O'Brien Road, Coatesville
 021 242 3136
 [email protected]
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Ryan has worked in the Financial Services Industry for over 20 years.  He started his career in banking and over the next two decades climbed the ladder to becoming the Regional Manager for a major bank.  The majority of his career has had a lending focus and this has always been Ryan’s favourite focus of the Financial Services Industry.

Ryan’s passion is people. He loves leading people to deliver first class service to customers and says his greatest satisfaction is knowing that he has been a part of helping people achieve their dreams.

Ryan has multiple banking Qualification and a Degree but he would be the first to say, that work and life experience with a genuine care for people is essential to go alongside any of his qualifications.