Consumer education on private mortgages is a must - expert

"There's a lot more people coming into the space"

Consumer education on private mortgages is a must - expert

The fiscal double whammy of the pandemic, and then the Bank of Canada’s outsized rate hikes, have pushed many Canadians to private lending – a trend that Shawn Allen, of Matrix Mortgage Global, welcomes.

However, Allen stressed that consumers must be aware of what borrowing through these channels entails.

“There’s a lot more people coming into the space, but I think there definitely needs to be more education around the types of mortgages and the exit strategies of those mortgages,” Allen told Canadian Mortgage Professional.

“When you’re talking about private … a lot of times I’m seeing people getting slapped into mortgages that really don’t fit. They’re getting high interest rates and there’s really no exit strategy – and it’s really challenging for people who aren’t getting the proper disclosure to be put into a mortgage.”

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Allen stressed that the private lending sector should also do its part in ensuring client retention.

“There’s really not a benefit to [some private lenders] other than for personal greed … so it’s a full rounded approach that needs to be taken to kind of clean up the image of private mortgages,” Allen said. “We just want to make sure that we have a consistently level playing field to make sure that we’re all playing by the same rules and offering Canadians the security that they need in times of need.”

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