Ottawa's Block 2 redevelopment to incorporate new commercial spaces

The complex will feature an eclectic combination of new and restored buildings

Ottawa's Block 2 redevelopment to incorporate new commercial spaces

New commercial spaces are planned in the revitalization of Block 2, which lies right across the street from the Parliament Buildings in Ottawa.

The redevelopment of the 9,800-square-metre space is slated to incorporate new builds along with refitted heritage buildings, ConstructConnect reported.

Among the most prominent additions will be long-term facilities for government bodies like the Senate and House of Commons. New space will also be allotted to the Library of Parliament.

The search for the architect in charge of the redevelopment is being planned at present, the government said earlier this week.

“Given Block 2’s prominent location directly facing Parliament Hill, it is important that emphasis is placed on design excellence,” Public Services and Procurement Canada spokesperson Charles Drouin stated.

“The future design will need to create a balance between heritage, accessibility, security, sustainability and existing site constraints to realize the full potential of this block and how it integrates with the entire Parliamentary Precinct campus,” he added, in consonance with the burgeoning green building movement.

Drouin noted that an important step will be the restoration and modernization of aging buildings, so that they fit into the final plan of “an efficient, new integrated building complex.”

“This will also contribute to Ottawa’s growth as a modern, forward-leaning capital, and will serve as a key engine in revitalizing Sparks Street,” he said.