Montreal mixed-use development aims to be a sustainable community

A significant portion of the development by Le Quartier-Forestia will be dedicated to green living

Montreal mixed-use development aims to be a sustainable community

A soon-to-arise development by Le Quartier-Forestia is slated to offer 53 hectares of multi-use space in Greater Montreal, attesting to the market’s sustained strength and attractiveness as a real estate hotspot.

The mixed-use development will be situated in the Boisbriand suburb, in the intersection of highways 13 and 640.

Aside from 5,000 housing units, approximately 37% of the area will be dedicated to sustainable design features such as parks, walking trails, bike lanes, and vehicular infrastructure. A protected sugar bush, as well as protected streams and wetlands, is also planned.

The core of the development will be a dense, multi-use neighbourhood, which will come with several green spaces around two main hubs – one allocated to civic services and facilities, and the other dedicated to sports and leisure.

Access to urban agriculture will also be a defining feature of the development, which will be a collaborative venture between Le Quartier-Forestia and non-profit group Terr’O Agriculture Environnement.

“Le Quartier-Forestia aims to create a quality living environment based on the principles of Transit Oriented Development (TOD), sustainable development and synergy with the surrounding agricultural territory,” president Raymond Lessard said.

The project will also act as a significant buffer for urban sprawl, Lessard added. Every aspect and portion of the development will be devoted towards meeting the city government’s development priorities on the North Shore.

“The great thing about this project is that it will benefit the entire Boisbriand community,” mayor Marlène Cordato noted.