Crowdfunding: The next step in real estate investment?

NexusCrowd investment platform funding several ongoing real estate development projects in Ontario

Crowdfunding: The next step in real estate investment?
In a fiscal and market climate characterized by red-hot activity and outsized growth, several ongoing real estate projects in Ontario are being powered not by traditional investment models, but by individuals pooling their resources in a common platform.

Among these projects subsidized by real estate crowdfunding portal NexusCrowd is a $12-million redevelopment venture involving three properties, namely a 25,000-square-foot former pharmaceutical manufacturing facility and two industrial facilities.

NexusCrowd bills itself as the first mechanism of its kind that allows individuals to co-invest with established developers and investors in real estate deals, as long as said deals have reached at least 50 per cent of the funding target.

“We have now raised over $2 million for four private real estate investments using our innovative investment platform,” NexusCrowd CEO Hitesh Rathod told Mississauga News. “Offering high-quality exclusive investment opportunities to our investors is our top priority and we are excited to announce that we are working on additional partnerships to further expand our product offering.”

Partnering with Terracap Investments, NexusCrowd oversaw Canada’s first ever crowdfunding venture in 2015, raising $500,000 online for a 238,000-square-foot retail mall. Last fall, the platform raised $517,000 for a mixed-use commercial property development project in downtown Toronto.