Newton Connectivity Systems launches new mortgage software suite Velocity

The platform will help mortgage brokers conduct a wide range of vital tasks in the convenience of their desktop units

Newton Connectivity Systems launches new mortgage software suite Velocity
Newton Connectivity Systems, the erstwhile Marlborough Stirling Canada, just launched its new cloud-based app designed to help mortgage brokers with a wide range of important tasks in the convenience of a desktop platform.

Velocity will allow brokers to send applications and supporting documentation to lenders, forward updates to applicants, access credit reports, and even send out marketing emails or newsletters on an automated basis. A CRM-enabled patch will be available down the line for $50 monthly, CMT reported.

“It is our intention to migrate all $38 billion [of DLC Group origination] over to Newton within the next 30 months,” DLC President Gary Mauris said, seemingly in direct challenge to D+H’s current influence in the mortgage software sphere.

Newton president and CEO Geoff Willis allayed industry concerns that DLC will have unwarranted access to client data.

“The goal with Newton is to have it stand as its own company and we want to service the entire mortgage industry—not just DLC or a handful of other networks. It would be short sighted and morally—and perhaps legally—wrong for us to pass along identifying information to DLC or any other organization,” Willis said.

“We are here to build long-lasting relationships with brokerages and lenders. So let me plainly say, Newton WILL NOT look at a user’s client information or use it in any way without the consent of that user.”