Mortgage team leader on how she’s moved up the ranks

A desire to help and an eye for precision are irreplaceable assets for a broker

Mortgage team leader on how she’s moved up the ranks

Over two decades in the banking industry were more than enough preparation for Corina Murphy (pictured), team leader and mortgage broker at Premiere Mortgage Centre in Mississauga, Ontario.

Starting her banking career at Canada Trust in 1991, Murphy said that she moved up the ranks quickly as she was young and eager to learn.

“[I] decided to concentrate on lending. I loved the feeling of helping people buy homes and being part of such a happy and exciting moment in their lives,” Murphy told Canadian Mortgage Professional. “I [got] a very well-rounded knowledge of mortgages and the stages associated with lending.”

This accumulated learning convinced Murphy to eventually switch to being a broker in 2012.

“Helping Canadians navigate through the muddy waters of mortgages is what I love,” Murphy said. “It has been a great career and I have met so many great people along the way. It challenges me and provides great income, plus I get to meet new people all the time and mentor and coach fellow mortgage agents within our brokerage.”

The precision acquired from an extensive banking background was a huge advantage for Murphy.

“I would have to say being super-organized and having a well-defined process has helped me stay on top of my business,” Murphy said. “Using the best that technology provides to automate as much of my process as possible, and working closely with my client care specialist, has really allowed us to provide best-in-class customer service. I start each day with a review of my daily tasks and at the end of the day, I prepare for the following day. I never deviate from my process and that allows me to accomplish all that I set out to do. It has worked amazingly for me over the years.”

However, this established routine was put to the test over the past year.

“I went from working in an office, meeting with centres of influences and co-workers, to being stuck at home 24/7,” Murphy said. “All I seemed to do was work. It was a huge transition, and on occasion, I had to give myself a little pep talk. I am very social and love being around others, so being stuck at home all the time was a hurdle I had to learn to jump, and quickly.

“I missed connecting with others. In comes Zoom to the rescue,” Murphy said. “I set up an online fitness class for our agents at Premiere that also included lenders. It was a great outlet for me and others to connect, stay fit, and blow off some steam. Everyone took a turn instructing the classes and we had a lot of fun and let out some frustration from being confined and overworked.”

For Murphy, the global health crisis only reinforced the most important lesson she has learned in her career so far: being “your authentic, transparent, and genuine self.”

“People can detect when you are fake and not being honest,” Murphy said. “The best way I have found to thrive in not only my career, but in life as well, is to be more of who you are. People will either like you or not. Being my true self has allowed me to create amazing relationships with clients, co-workers, lenders, and industry partners.”