Brokers highlight benefits they provide to first-time homebuyers

Working with a range of lenders has its advantages, says one broker

Brokers highlight benefits they provide to first-time homebuyers

Two mortgage brokers recently highlighted the advantages that they can provide to buyers looking to purchase their first home.

Jennine Hadfield, an independent mortgage broker with Dominion Lending Centres in Peterborough, Ontario, told business listing site Three Best Rated that brokers can guide first-time homebuyers on the steps they need to take in order to purchase a home.

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“Making sure their credit is on track is key to how much down payment they will need, and we can guide them along the way for the next steps to home buying, including a purchase price they consider when the time is right,” said Hadfield. “If their credit could use a boost, mortgage brokers can also provide guidance on what to do.”

Meanwhile, Tara Beattie, operations manager at Mortgage Connection in Calgary, said that since mortgage brokers work with many lenders, they can shop around for a mortgage that meets a homebuyer’s needs.

“We will leverage our experience to ensure your experience is as simple and stress-free as possible,” Beattie told Three Best Rated. “It is always our plan to provide the best customer experience to all our clients by providing them with the assurance that we are updated on all things mortgage-related and that they are receiving the very best mortgage product for their individual needs.”

Beattie added that she thinks mortgage rates “are likely to remain low for the duration of 2021, which means it continues to be an excellent time to purchase real estate and to conduct mortgage reviews to discover any potential savings that may exist.”