Awards season just around the corner

Clinton Wilkins admits that he was caught off guard. Surprised even

Awards season just around the corner

Clinton Wilkins admits that he was caught off guard. Surprised even.

But nevertheless elated.

The head of the Centum-affiliated Clinton Wilkins Mortgage Team has been nominated for Best Mortgage Broker Under 25 Employees at the 12th annual Canadian Mortgage Awards this April 20 in Toronto. It will be his first trip to the CMAs, and he says he can’t wait.

“We’re excited about the CMAs,” said Wilkins. “Getting a nomination really puts you on the national stage because I’m competing with brokers from Ontario and B.C., but little old Halifax is doing some good things.”

The Haligonian broker had no idea people were nominating him, but that made it more special. Win or lose, he says he’s honoured to be nominated.

“It really demonstrates you’re in the best of class in that category, and it’s a good echelon to hit to even get a nomination. Being a finalist feels good and feels exciting, regardless of winning or not, because it means people think you’re doing a good job. When you’re self-employed, there are no gold stars. Who’s going to give you a gold star but yourself? So when your peers recognize you’re doing something good, it feels great.”

Blake Cassidy, managing partner of Romspen Investment Corporation, says that the CMAs are always an exciting time of year because the fruits of everyone’s labour is recognized. It’s for that reason, added Cassidy, that it’s important for the industry players to support each other.

“One thing that we’ve always prided ourselves on at Romspen is supporting the industry, supporting professionalism, and we often attend many of the tradeshows and national events, and we’re always highly supportive,” he said. “We celebrate the industry, the year we’ve had, and we recognize the producers in the marketplace. The Canadian Mortgage Awards is an important event for the professionalism in the industry.”

According to Magenta’s Denise Buckley, vice president of mortgage operations, the CMAs provide a glimpse of sorts into the future of the industry, because it’s where tomorrow’s paragons begin cementing their reputations.

“It’s always great to see people in the industry recognized for extraordinary measures, and Magenta is always thrilled to support and see where exactly the new innovation is coming from, and where the strength and knowledge comes from,” she said. “I think we’re seeing a new wave; there are certainly new people on the horizon. The CMAs is an exciting night, and it’s always great to get dressed up and feel like you’re somebody.”

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