So you think you’re smarter than a CWB Optimum BDM?

Upcoming event combines education, fun - and cash prizes

So you think you’re smarter than a CWB Optimum BDM?

With Financial Literacy Month on the horizon, CWB Optimum Mortgage is shaking things up by hosting a fun - and educational - event with a “Willy Wonka style” approach.

“There are a limited number of seats at the table on actual event day — you have to earn your golden ticket,” says Marcia Lindberg, director national sales and marketing at CWB Optimum.

There are a total of 150 golden tickets available to the trivia event, which is taking place on November 24 and boasts up to $12,500 in cash prizes through Mastercard gift cards. The first 22 signed commitments received by Optimum every week leading up to the event will receive a golden ticket that secures their spot at the “So you think you’re smarter than a CWB Optimum BDM?” event. Although brokers can only claim one golden ticket for their signed commitments, they are entered in a weekly draw for three prizes of $100 each. All brokers that send in a signed commitment receive an entry, with the lucky winners announced every Monday.

It’s been a tough year, Lindberg says, and the sentiment from the majority of Optimum’s brokers is that they’re feeling burnt out and drained from working non-stop over the course of the pandemic. Optimum is taking the opportunity to set aside an afternoon and give everyone a break from the red-hot housing market, providing the opportunity to play some games with familiar faces, show off - and pick up - some industry knowledge and of course have a chance to win some big prizes.

“The idea is to build excitement within the broker community and to set aside quality time to engage with them,” Lindberg said, adding qualifications began on Monday, Sept. 27 and the response has been strong so far. “It’s also an initiative that underscores our commitment to educate our brokers on the mortgage industry as a whole.”

The virtual event will be hosted on Kahoot!, an app that was initially used widely by teachers at the beginning of the pandemic to help engage with their students. Over time, it’s been leveraged by all stripes of organizations to keep those they work with educated and informed in a different and interesting way - making it perfect for the purposes of Optimum’s “So you think you’re smarter than a CWB Optimum BDM?” campaign.

“We strive to be the educational lender in the market, and mixing fun with education is something we’re passionate about,” said Lindberg. “We’re looking forward to doing just that on event day.”