Angela Wong-Liao

Brokers applaud commission

It was a busy week for FSCO and brokers are applauding the commission's efforts.

Brokers rejoice over policy change

It’s about time, say brokers upon hearing the news that more transparency will be required of their major bank competitors going forward.

Brokers push back against industry trend

Rate discounting may be a necessity these days but many brokers are pushing back by drawing attention to the added value of advising clients about more than just rate.

Brokers discuss client disclosure and credit unions

Credit Unions are quickly gaining market share and favour among brokers with their competitive rates but industry players realize proper client disclosure is required.

Broker to government: Back away from CMHC

One broker takes umbrage with what he feels is the Canadian government limiting the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation’s (CMHC) influence in the market following the crown corporation’s most recent restructuring.

Broker debate over Flaherty's legacy

Brokers are of two minds following Finance Minister Jim Flaherty’s announcement Tuesday that he is stepping down; some commend his initiatives while others are happy to see him go.

Brokers split on whether they hope Flaherty runs again

Brokers are divided on whether they feel Finance Minister Jim Flaherty stepping down would benefit the mortgage industry, despite the finance minister’s history of instituting unpopular mortgage measures meant to cool the market.

Broker urges investment over trailer fees

The issue of trailer fees is once again sparking debate among brokers as they look to secure their financial futures in very insecure times.

Time to talk testing

Brokers looking to raise the bar in the mortgage industry are taking aim at agent testing standards, Vernon Clement Jones reports