Where do Canadian locations rank in world’s most liveable cities?

The COVID-19 health crisis had an unprecedented impact on the world’s major urban markets

Where do Canadian locations rank in world’s most liveable cities?

For the first time in nearly two decades, no Canadian city has qualified for the world’s 10 most liveable cities, according to the latest Global Liveability Index by Economist Intelligence Unit.

The survey, which was conducted between February 22 and March 21 this year, found that the overall global average liveability score actually declined during the pandemic year.

“The extent to which cities were sheltered by strong border closures, their ability to handle the health crisis and the pace at which they rolled out vaccination campaigns drove significant changes in the rankings,” EIU said in the study.

However, the coronavirus outbreak hurt some markets much more than others.

As recently as 2015, three Canadian cities – Toronto, Vancouver, and Calgary – held spots at the top of the EIU list.

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But in 2021, Canada made it into another, far less positive list: the global cities with the fastest deteriorating liveability. Montreal dropped by a whopping 19 spots in the last six months to end up ranking in position 40 of the most liveable cities, making it the 10th fastest falling city this year.

“Many European and Canadian cities have fallen down the rankings, having battled a second COVID-19 wave by restricting cultural and sporting events, and closing schools and restaurants,” EIU reported.