Suggestions for CAAMP 2.0

With CAAMP set to re-evaluate its future – and the role the next leader will take – industry players believe there are certain things the association should focus on, including providing more support specifically to brokers.

Broker value and association cooperation are two areas industry players believe CAAMP should be focusing on in the future.

“In my opinion CAAMP should put more emphasis on providing support to brokers; that could be offering more education and networking opportunities,” Deepak Bansal, a GTA-based broker with Dominion Lending Centres told “I find that a lot of the dollars that go toward CAAMP – the AMP and yearly fees – go toward events that don’t provide enough value to brokers.”

According to Bansal, one of the biggest issues brokers have with CAAMP is the high cost of the AMP designation in relation to the actual value that designation provides.

The national broker association announced Friday the departure of Jim Murphy, who has been at the helm since March 2007, and the fact that it will consider its future.

“We have no plans in mind (in terms of a replacement); the next step for us is we are putting together an analysis to see if the job description has changed and if it needs to be changed,” Dan Putnam, CAAMP chair told at the time. “It’s a good opportunity to take stock.”

And while many in the industry have their own ideas what CAAMP should focus on, one industry leader believes it would be well served to visit how it works with other industry associations.

 “I think when you take a look at other industry associations – real estate, insurance – there is a symmetrical positioning from a local, provincial, and national level and they coordinate accordingly,” Colin Dreyer, Verico founder, president and CEO told “So there is efficiency around that and there are representations that enhance the individual business in those jurisdictions and ours is fragmented.”