Street Capital board member to retire

Board member will retire from mortgage firm after more than 30 years of service

Street Capital board member to retire
Duffie Osental

Allan Silber is set to retire from the board of directors at residential mortgage firm Street Capital Group after more than 30 years of service. He will continue to serve on the board of directors as chair until a new chair is appointed this month.

Silber has been at the head of seven different companies. In the past Silber was director at Captiva Verde Industries Ltd, chairman for Terra Firma Capital Corp., chairman for C2 Global Technologies, Inc., and chairman of Knight's Bridge Capital Partners, Inc.  He received an undergraduate degree from the University of Toronto.

Street Capital Group is a public company operating through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Street Capital Bank of Canada, a federally regulated Schedule I Bank offering residential mortgage loans.

Street Capital Bank of Canada sources its mortgage products primarily through a network of independent mortgage brokers across Canada with whom it has built relationships.

Street Capital Bank of Canada offers a broad line-up of high ratio and conventional mortgages to borrowers and either sells the mortgages it underwrites to top tier financial institutions or holds them on balance sheet. Street Capital Bank of Canada lends throughout all of the Provinces of Canada (other than Quebec) and has offices in Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia.