Preventive interventions that realtors can recommend to sellers

TREB president Mark McLean on what future sellers can do to keep their homes presentable and enticing to the buying public

Preventive interventions that realtors can recommend to sellers
One of the most effective ways in which realtors can help consumers is providing timely and necessary advice, especially prior to a transaction. And according to Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) president Mark McLean, recommending preventive interventions that would-be sellers can make ranks among the most important tips that industry professionals can impart.
In a contribution piece for the Toronto Sun, McLean emphasized the central role that maintenance programs play in making a home more presentable and enticing to the buying public later down the line.
“Constant upkeep of your home will help it run efficiently, save you money and ensure a painless transaction when it’s time to move on,” McLean wrote. “Monitoring your home on a regular basis will help you spot any potential problems before they turn into major headaches.”
Longevity and aesthetic appeal—including driveway renovation and soil regrading—should always be the top priorities, the TREB president said.
“You may want to consider adding a budget for landscaping, fixtures and current finishes. These cosmetic improvements could increase your home’s desirability, and potential value when it comes time to sell,” McLean stated.
Utilities such as the plumbing, drainage, electricity, heating, air conditioning, and ventilation should also be checked regularly so that any issues can be addressed as quickly as possible. As for the exterior components, ample budget should be allotted for replacing loose and damaged parts such as shingles and walls, as well as reinforcing the foundation.

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