OREA calls for sweeping revamp of RECO education program

Says that the current version of the program is failing both consumers and real estate professionals

OREA calls for sweeping revamp of RECO education program
In its latest white paper released earlier this week, the Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA) presented its proposal for a complete overhaul of the Real Estate Council of Ontario’s mandatory continuing education (CE) program.

OREA stated that in its current form, the program is failing real estate professionals and consumers alike.

“Continuing education is an important part of maintaining high professional standards in the real estate industry,” OREA president Ettore Cardarelli said. “It’s time for a new vision.”

The association argued that the quality of continuing education in the province has been deteriorating ever since RECO took over the program in 2013 and moved it completely online.

“Content is infrequently updated and puts too much emphasis on convenience over important industry information,” OREA said. “There is also no pass or fail requirement for the CE program, meaning a registrant could answer every question incorrectly and still make it through the course.”

The OREA paper suggested major reforms to the current CE program, including:

• Enhancing the program by putting CE in the classroom
• Making the CE program pass/fail
• Requiring CE exams that are taken in person at an approved testing centre
• Allowing colleges, universities and third party providers universities to offer RECO-approved courses

“There is a strong commitment from OREA and the REBBA Review Task Force to raise the bar on continuing education,” Task Force chair John Meehan said. “There is an equally strong commitment to the belief that a comprehensive and effective CE program is an investment in professionalism and consumer protection.”

OREA is slated to release four white papers this fall to encourage member discussion and input on REBBA, “which will inform the final recommendations that OREA presents to the government.”

Members can submit feedback via this link.

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