Nunavut to benefit from seven-year low-cost housing aid

Federal and territorial governments pledge housing assistance for qualified low-income households

Nunavut to benefit from seven-year low-cost housing aid

A joint pledge between the federal government and Nunavut territorial authorities will see $18 million allocated over the next seven years for low-cost housing in the region.

Aimed at supporting up to 70 low-income households, the funding will be coursed through the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation’s Canada-Nunavut Housing Benefit, said Margaret Nakashuk, member of the Legislative Assembly of Nunavut.

“The funds align with the government of Nunavut’s Turaaqtavut mandate goals of Inuusivut: self-reliance, and Piliriqatigiinniq/Ikajuqtigiinniq: working together for a common cause,” Nakashuk said.

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Eligible households will be contacted by the Department of Family Services, Nakashuk said. The fund is intended to aid these households by ensuring that they don’t pay more than 24% of their income in housing, she said.

Qualified families will also receive employment training, with the goal of helping them “transition into living on their own and eventually not need the financial assistance of this program,” Nakashuk said.