New affordable rental housing project opens in Saskatoon

Project designed to be fully accessible for people with disabilities

New affordable rental housing project opens in Saskatoon
Duffie Osental

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) has announced the opening of a new affordable rental housing project in Saskatoon.

The project consists of three semi-detached homes containing a total of six two- and three-bedroom units, located throughout Saskatoon and designed for families with one to three children. The homes are designed for independence and affordability and are fully accessible to individuals with varying degrees of mobility.

The project was an initiative of the governments of Canada and Saskatchewan, as well as the City of Saskatoon and SaskNative Rentals Inc. (SNR).

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“Every Canadian deserves a safe and affordable place to call home,” said Ahmed Hussen, the minister responsible for CMHC. “People and families living with disabilities have unique needs that are often underserved by the market. The National Housing Strategy prioritizes individuals and their families who live with disabilities, to help build stronger and more inclusive communities. With our Government's investment in Saskatoon, six families now have access to safe and affordable housing, which will certainly have a positive impact on their lives.”

“Affordable and accessible housing is crucial to create a safe community with a strong wellbeing. Housing provides the foundation for a strong quality of life for families and communities, and the impacts of this investment will go far beyond the six families whose homes have been built,” said Charlie Clark, mayor of the City of Saskatoon. “I would like to thank SaskNative Rentals and our provincial and federal partners for bringing this project to fruition and helping to change the lives of those living with disabilities.”