Majority of Canadians favour accessible green spaces—poll

Nearly all Canadians believe that green spaces play a crucial role in improving quality of life

Majority of Canadians favour accessible green spaces—poll
Fully 95 per cent of Canadians believe that easy access to green spaces near their domiciles will play a central role in enhancing their quality of life, according to the results of a fresh survey conducted by TD Bank.

Meanwhile, 77 per cent of those polled said that there is much room for improvement like more picnic areas, natural playgrounds, and solar lighting in local green spaces.

Proximity to green space is a crucial factor in deciding where to live for a significant proportion of Canadians, with 18 per cent ranking it a high priority, behind proximity to close schools and public transport.

According to 40 per cent of respondents, commercial development should not impact green space. 24 per cent said that housing developments should not come at the expense of existing green space.

“Canadians agree, community green spaces are an integral part of our identity,” TD Bank Group chief environment officer Karen Clarke-Whistler said. “As the pace of life around us intensifies, Canadians value outdoor spaces in their communities where they can find common ground.”

Most importantly, Canadians treasure environmentally sustainable community green spaces, regardless of cost to themselves. 94 per cent of those surveyed stated that natural sustainable playground equipment would be important for their local community green space.

“Sensory-rich community green spaces are the rare places in our cities where human barriers drop,” according yo Adam Bienenstock, an award-winning designer of natural playgrounds, and participant in a recent roundtable discussion organized by TD. “Achieving sustainability in our parks and playgrounds requires us to incorporate real, raw nature into every experience. These are the places where we will inspire the next generation of urban environmental stewards.”

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