Doing the work so you don’t have to

Follow-up calls to clients are necessary but time consuming. One new platform aims to ease your burden while also offering clients the touch points they expect

Doing the work so you don’t have to
Most mortgage brokers agree that following up with past clients is the dullest part of their jobs, but that it nevertheless has to be done. However, an innovative new platform does all the calling for you, and lets you reap the benefits of increased business.

Client Caller uses trained calling assistants to phone your client database and find you repeat business. Agents are diligently trained but don’t field any mortgage-related questions. Instead, these callers, adept in the art of conversation, speak with past clients to find out where they are in their lives and if you could be of service to them once more.

According to Scott Peckford, a mortgage broker and co-founder of Client Caller, one of the most effective ways of drumming up business today is by reaching out to the clients of yesteryear. Using smart technology, a mortgage broker’s phone number and contact list are accessed semi-annually, and the calling assistants go to work.

“When you phone people catching them at different times in their lives, sometimes they could be going through a separation and maybe need to rebuy and purchase,” said Peckford. “Sometimes a call could catch a guy while he’s going to look at a land deal, and he might need your help with that.”

Being an exercise in dreariness, Peckford says most brokers don’t bother conducting telephone follow-ups. Moreover, there’s no telling when a phone call might last three or 20 minutes, therefore, making 100 calls can be a very time-consuming endeavour.

Some people simply aren’t very comfortable talking on the phone, and that can sometimes be enough to repel potential clients, but Peckford says calling assistants are selected for their outgoingness.
Another stipulation for users they must be “relational brokers.”

“A relational broker  is somebody who primarily gets business through referrals and past clients,” said Peckford. “When I think of an advertising broker, they usually advertise to strangers. The advertising model attracts clients who are less sticky and that’s less effective for us.”

Client Caller only launched this year, but it’s proven popular across all national brokerages.

“They say the fortune is in the follow up, and I totally believe it,” said Peckford. “Whatever your industry, if you do a transaction with someone, lifetime value is significant, but you have to invest sometime into that lifetime value. We think of ourselves as farmers. We farm your database for you.”