Broker concerns brought to Prime Minister Trudeau

Network head takes his issues directly to the Prime Minister

Broker concerns brought to Prime Minister Trudeau
Gary Mauris, president of Dominion Lending Centres, had the chance to speak with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

“A few weeks ago CBC asked if I would be interested in meeting and speaking with the Prime Minister about issues close to my heart,” Mauris wrote in an email to DLC brokers. “This was an incredible honour because for the first time ever, the Prime Minister granted unprecedented access for 10 Canadians.”

The email, which was obtained by, teased the issues Mauris chose to discuss with the Prime Minister. They include;
•             Re-evaluating the corporate tax structure
•             Home ownership for Canadians
•             The burden of unregulated credit card debt
The conversation, part of a special called “Face to Face with the Prime Minister,” will air on CBC Sunday at 8pm.
“I am sure only snippets of the conversation will air, but know that I asked hard questions and the Prime Minister provided thoughtful replies,” Mauris wrote.