Albert Collu joins former rival

The former head of Mortgage Architects has found a new home

Albert Collu joins former rival
Albert Collu is joining VERICO as its president, effective September 1.

“This is a rare and incredible opportunity that I simply could not let pass me by. VERICO is a world class organization that personifies integrity and professionalism. It’s always been my view that the VERICO culture has been predicated on growing its business in concert with its network of mortgage entrepreneurs to help them grow their respective businesses while simultaneously looking to do well by the industry at large,"  Albert Collu, president of VERICO Canada, said in a release.­­­ "That’s something I can embrace and be part of proudly. It is a privilege to lead a significant network of Mortgage Professionals ‎who are among the industry’s elite.

"I congratulate all the staff at VERICO, with special mention of John Kelly‎ and Colin Dreyer, on their incredible success inevitably making VERICO the #1 Broker Network in the country. My sole aim is to contribute to the growth story of this incredible organization for years to come and to be a leader and resource for the licensees in any way I can be.”

Collu resigned from Mortgage Architects on August 19. He served as MA’s president and CEO for over seven years.

He brings with him to VERICO experience in business development, operations and, indeed, sought after leadership skills.

“Albert’s reputation is one of professionalism, excellence, and integrity which parallels with VERICO’s long standing core values,” Colin Dreyer, CEO of VERICO Canada, said. “With the addition of Albert and his expertise, we are looking forward to continuing to provide the best package of tools, support and services to our network of entrepreneurs while remaining true to our mission and the values by which we operate.”