Economists highlight the Toronto housing market's 2022-23 prospects

Some disturbing trends are already apparent, market observers warn

Economists highlight the Toronto housing market's 2022-23 prospects

While demand will remain robust, the Toronto housing market should brace for considerable price declines in the near future, according to a recent Toronto Star poll of economists.

The price-drop trend is already apparent, with residential sale values across Toronto having fallen by 3.3% from their peak in March. The decreases were even worse in Ontario, with some cities posting declines of 10% to 15%, the Toronto Star reported.

The surveyed economists’ current consensus is of a decline of at least 10% in home prices. The average home price in Toronto is expected to settle at $1.03 million in 2023.

Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce is anticipating a 15% decline by the end of 2022.

“When the Bank of Canada raises interest rates, it’s aiming to slow economic growth by taking a bite out of activity in the interest-sensitive parts of the economy, and housing is high on the list of sectors that are exposed to the impact of higher rates,” said Avery Shenfeld, senior economist at CIBC.

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BMO even ventured so far as to project a 20% drop by the middle of next year. This will accompany a decline of 23% in sales activity, mainly due to deceleration in Ontario and British Columbia.

“Given the exceptional deterioration in affordability – first due to the rapid run-up in prices, then by the rapid rise in interest rates – as well as the sudden turn in sentiment around the market, it’s difficult to see anything other than a meaningful correction ahead for Canadian housing,” said Doug Porter, senior economist at BMO.

“Each city will have its own story, and may fare differently – driven both by how far it surged in recent years, and the outlook for the local economy – but it will be a challenging period for almost all major housing markets.”