Why mentorship is essential for the next generation of mortgage brokers

New brokers must establish strong foundations if they are looking to succeed in this career

Why mentorship is essential for the next generation of mortgage brokers

Through proper mentorship, brokerages and networks are ideally placed to cultivate the next generation of high-performing mortgage professionals, according to Dalia Barsoum of Streetwise Mortgages.

Speaking on an episode of CMPTV, Barsoum recounted that back in her earliest days, her encounter with a veteran mentor established the foundations of what would become a stellar career.

“When I started in the industry, I was blessed enough to work with someone who has helped me understand what this industry is all about, and also bounce ideas off [of] and coach me,” Barsoum said in her overview of this year’s edition of CMP’s Rising Stars list.

“It’s very, very important when starting out to help you get a good grasp of what this type of business is all about and to help you navigate your way through it.”

Tech-powered platforms are an increasingly important tool in this regard, she said.

“Can you do it virtually? I believe you can,” Barsoum said. “It’s about the consistency of talking about what you’re looking to achieve and getting guidance. It can be virtual – ‘We can share screens right now and I can show you a deal that I’m working on, and you can give me input on that deal.’ That’s the beauty of where the technology is right now; we don’t need to be sitting in the same physical space and holding a piece of paper and passing it around.”

Barsoum believes that in many ways, brokers right now will have it easier compared to their forebears.

“Technology has opened up huge potential when it comes to mentorship,” Barsoum said. “At any time, I can call somebody who I look up to in another region in Canada and say, ‘Hey, will you be willing to help me?’ – while I am here in Ontario.”

“Technology has opened up opportunities, rather than limit us in how we mentor or coach.”

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