What makes a mortgage broker valuable to their clients?

Nothing helps breed innovation like adversity, CENTUM president says

What makes a mortgage broker valuable to their clients?

For Chris Turcotte, president of CENTUM, mortgage professionals will inevitably encounter difficulties when transacting in the current volatility of the economy and the market.

However, such obstacles also represent unique opportunities for brokers.

“You’re going to have to really demonstrate value, and that’s just as a result of tough times,” Turcotte told CMPTV. “So many people are nervous about tough times, but if you look back at history, some of the most innovative and best things for people come during those hard times.”

A vital component of establishing one’s value as a broker is to be the guiding star that consumers precisely need in such stormy seas.

“It’s safe to say that brokers and consumers are in unprecedented territory right now – and a message from the bank is the last thing they need,” Turcotte said.

“Everyone is scared, [and] there is a lot of uncertainty right now… I’d really, really encourage mortgage brokers to focus on being more human now more than ever.”

For mortgage professionals affiliated with CENTUM, the group is ideally situated to allay such concerns, Turcotte assured.

“We have a unique position in that we own Century21 Canada, we own Real Property Management… and then of course, we have CENTUM Financial Group,” Turcotte said. “So it’s not by accident that we own the ability to buy and sell real estate, the ability to finance it, and the ability to manage it.”

“We’re spending a lot of our time and a lot of our resources when it comes to our mortgage brokers.”

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