Top Mortgage Employers revealed for 2024

Find out which companies made the cut

Top Mortgage Employers revealed for 2024

There are few more important factors in the success of a business than employee morale and how the company is viewed in the eyes of its staff.

The happiness and productivity of a company’s workforce are essential components of its performance – both in its ability to meet and exceed targets, and recruit top professionals as part of the ever-competitive war for talent.

Once again in 2024, CMP sought to find the companies across the Canadian mortgage industry that are truly excelling in creating as positive and rewarding a work environment as possible through our Top Mortgage Employers report.

We invited employers throughout the mortgage space to fill out a form highlighting their range of offerings and practices, with employees of nominated companies then taking an anonymous survey evaluating their workplace based on some of the most important factors.

Thousands of employees ranked 110 employer nominees across eight metrics, highlighting organizations with the best overall experience for employees.

Our report found that Canada’s leading mortgage companies strived to excel in crucial areas for employee success – including, but not limited to, providing essential tools and resources, fostering a thriving culture, cultivating a positive reputation, offering competitive compensation and benefits, providing opportunities for advancement, and demonstrating strong, effective leadership.

We can now announce the results of that survey, once again revealing which companies in the Canadian mortgage industry are rated by their employees as a truly outstanding place to work.

Click through to find out which employers, including Oppono Lending, made the cut as exemplars of a positive and productive culture in the eyes of their workforce.

Thanks to all who participated in this year’s survey – and congratulations to the companies who were named among Canada’s top mortgage employers for 2024!

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